Differentiate or Die?

April 4, 2008

Why am I here?  What can I bring to the table?  I’m not about to suggest that what will be discussed here is earth shattering (so I got that out of the way), but I hope I can foster a discussion.  I am obsessed with how a business can differentiate itself from its competition and rise above the background noise in their industry.


In PR and Marketing it has been my daily task to find that unique story within my clients’ business that will stand out in the crowd of other business stories that run across a reporter’s or editor’s inbox. Great companies are doing this consistently, and the recent economic tides are forcing many companies to also separate themselves from the pack or suffer the consequences of failing to do so.

So how do you stand out?  What are you doing to succeed?  I invite you to share your best practices, rants and raves, or feel free to put out that call for help.  Let’s all rise above the buzz!  


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