How to use Twitter for your business

April 25, 2008

I am a firm believer that not all new media is perfect for every brand as purported by Seth Godin in his latest book, Meatball Sundae.  I am also one that avoids jumping on every new piece of social media or emerging technology.  I firmly believe that besides being “really cool”, I believe that these new tools must impact the bottom line of each business, and at the end of the day, it must make for more sales or a better customer experience.  And of course, it must be something that can help you stand out above the buzz.


Twitter is the latest of these tools to spark my interest.  Ok, it has more than sparked my interest, I am becoming borderline obsessed with it.  I wasn’t one of those text happy individuals, as my Gen X buddies and I still preferred to call each other with the cell phone, if we were going to make the effort to take it out of our cool belt holsters.  With Twitter, I have seen the light (or have been brought over to the darkside, depending on your point of view).   If you aren’t familiar with Twitter, you can scroll down to the previous entry, or you can check it out at your nearest search engine, to get up to speed on the basics of what it is.


What I want to do is share some of the ways Twitter is being incorporated and utilized by businesses today.  The biggest power of Twitter is that it is a mass broadcast of a short message (140 characters or less) to a dedicated group of “followers” via the two most broad-reaching media formats available today – the internet and cell phones.  If your target audience is on either of these two mediums, then you need to consider using this.


With the attention span of your audience dwindling in our micro attention span culture, you need to be less intrusive and more precise in your communications.  Twitter can help do that.  Obviously, since I believe in integrated media, Twitter can’t do it alone.  In combination or partnership with other communication tools, you can enhance communications, sales, and customer experience with the effective incorporation of Twitter. 


Considering the fact that you can broadcast to dedicated followers, think of Twitter as the PR announcement for the other messages you want your audience to see.  A Tweet (what they call a Twitter send out) can drive traffic to a blog, announce an event and direct to a registration page, drive traffic to a website, announce sales, new product arrivals, and so much more.


Your audience can be as large as you build it, or it can be kept private and small, by invite only, to allow for communications to small groups, such as project teams, sales reps, and work groups.  The fact that Twitter can promote links, and drive views of other web pages, it is in itself, a great tool to increase your organic search as well.


As I can go on and on (which I’ve already done so far), I’ll continue this on Monday.  I want to discuss some specific campaigns we at Sterling Cross Communications (www.sterlingcrossgroup.com) are doing with clients, as well as some other notable companies that have embraced Twitter.  If you need more about Twitter right now, check out my cohort’s blog http://www.mediapirate.wordpress.com, where Scott is discussing how his Twitter is integrated with his Facebook page and his blog, and the great results there.


Please comment if you have examples of Twitter you want to share, and any questions you may have…


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