How to Make Your Company’s Newsletter Standout

May 17, 2008


I’m often asked to consult on newsletters as a communication tool to promote your business, and I’m frequently asked about whether or not they are still valid as a means to promote.  My answer to them is a resounding “you betcha!”

Newsletters are a unique breed of a communication tool.  It can easily and effectively live in a physical print format, and of all of the traditional tools, it has most easily made the transition to the electronic format, and is even now taking shape well as a Video format as well.  It is the chameleon of communication tools.

Newsletters are primarily the best communication tool for communicating on a regular basis to your installed customer base.  It is a way to get out news on your corporation, announcements, sales, product launches, new openings or offerings to your dedicated audience.

According to the PEW Internet Research site (www.pewinternet.org): in 2007 the amount of all internet users that subscribe to at least one online newsletter was 78% (up from 25% in 2005).   There are uncertified reports that there were over 55 million online newsletters in existence.  These numbers don’t include print newsletters.  Without having a certain number, it is safe to say that your newsletter, whether online or traditional has a lot of competition out there for the attention of an audience.

Join me in the next post to cover ways to make your newsletter rise above the buzz.


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