Here’s an Idea for your Newsletter…Have a Point!

May 27, 2008

As electronic emails multiply and multiply, it is harder to get your newsletter to stand out in a crowd.  With an unverified report of over 55 million newsletters out there whizzing back and forth to email boxes everywhere, it is harder and harder to stand out in a crowded email inbox. Many companies are utilizing newsletters to distribute their important news announcements, product releases, event announcements, etc. but it is all becoming a blur.


As something becomes commonplace, you have to strive to be uncommon.  You have to find a way to stand out in a crowd.  So what can you do? And more importantly how can you do it?  Here is an idea…have a point!  Have a purpose.  Have a specific reason for your newsletter above and beyond just having a newsletter.


Have a point to keep it concise:

Many newsletters are becoming part of the clutter because that is what they have become, even in the writing of them.  Many companies are jamming them so full of bits and pieces figuring they have to put everything out there, that newsletter’s purposes and messages have become scattered. Having a focused point can help keep the writing and topics concise.  A newsletter that promotes cutting fashion and design trends shouldn’t have an article about the recent golf outing that the executives went to (unless they were attired in cutting fashion, of course, and there are photos).


Have a point to keep it relevant:

The most cited reason for people to opt-out of a newsletter is a failure to find relevance in the material presented to them.  It doesn’t speak or resonate to them in any way.  If you can’t find the common denominator in your audience and speak to it, then you will not have much success.  A point or purpose can help nail that message.  We have recently launched newsletters for our clients and our own newsletter that speak to a relevant topic of interest to them.  We have a client that has a customer service/relations newsletter, with specifically crafted messages, tips, forums, and surveys to address customer issues and allow them to input back their feedback into the company to effect change.  We recently launched a targeted newsletter to our clients for the specific purpose of cross promoting and connecting them to allow for networking and business partnership opportunities.


Have a point to drive other media:

A final tip for today is that your newsletter should have a point to drive traffic consistently to other media.  Your newsletter, like any other communication tool should drive traffic to your other media and conversion points. A newsletter on point, with concise and relevant messaging will drive traffic and action to other conversion points.  Your newsletter is an opt-in communication tool which can drive traffic to conversion points (videos, landing pages, blogs, surveys, forms, etc) where you have the opportunity to further qualify your audience or build the relationship to a level where you can move them along in your relationship cycle.


Get the point? Good. I’d love to hear your ideas and ways you are making your newsletter rise above the buzz, so feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts.   


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