About Me

Christopher LowerChris Lower is an award winning Sales Manager & Marketeer, with 16 years in the retail, hospitality and medical-technical device industries. He has been a corporate trainer, designer, and creator of business development programs and marketing campaigns for several firms. He is recognized as a creative and “out of the box” strategist, and is a successful Public Relations and Business Writer as well.

While working as a Franchisee Consultant, he learned to empathize with the incredible burden of operations that any business owner or manager must take on. That sometimes they get to the point of sacrificing their own marketing efforts to grow the business that got them to where they are today. Chris heard the lament over and over that “if only” I could clone myself or find someone with the same passion for my business that I do.

That’s where he says Sterling Cross can help; “We’re as passionate about marketing as our clients and through listening and becoming students of our clients, we are able to match their passion for their business and strive to grow it accordingly. As business owners, we’re also as concerned about our customer’s brand and reputation as well as our own. We recognize the awesome responsibility of trusting a partner with the representation of your brand and business, and therefore we only align ourselves with partners and clients that hold the same high level of values and principles.”

Previous Companies Chris has worked for:Quality Instrument Corporation, Walt Disney World, Toys R Us, Main Avenue Video, Starlog Magazine, Starlog Franchise Corporation, and Build a Bear Workshops.


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